Ice Rental Information

 Ice Rental is available from September-March

For safety reasons

Those who are NEW to curling must have someone with experience on their sheet

An instructor is an additional $17.50 per sheet/hour or $35/per sheet/2 hours

8 people per sheet & per instructor

Please call (604) 522-4737 for availability

Ice Rental Rates 

GST is not included in prices shown

Standard Rental:

2 Hours – $100.00 per sheet

1 Hour   – $55.00 per sheet

Corporate Rental:

*Non-exclusive use of the lounge is included in the price 

4 Sheets               $360.00               (≤32 people)

5 Sheets               $425.00               (≤40 people)

6 Sheets               $500.00               (≤48 people)

All prices are excluding tax. Use of basic equipment is included in the price. Each participant is required to carry in with them a pair of running shoes with soles free of dirt, rocks and other debris.

2 hour sessions are recommended for beginners.  

 New to Curling?

Suggested Clothing

Clothing should be loose or stretchy. Layers are best. Jeans are not recommended.

Running/athletic shoes are the best footwear. Soles need to be free of dirt and rocks (anything that can end up on the ice). Boots, dress shoes and heels are inappropriate and unsafe footwear on the ice.

Curling shoes must not be worn outside prior to being worn on the ice. They do not have to be brand new shoes but must be clean.


Curling Etiquette

The DOs and DON’Ts of Throwing Rocks at Houses 


“Good Curling” - Every game starts and ends with handshakes

DIRT ALERT! - Please wear clean footwear onto the ice surface and replace broom heads and grippers when worn

WATCH OUT! - Common curling injuries include concussions and bruised egos.

HURRY HARD! WOAH! - Yelling is encouraged when your team is throwing

Obey the Buzzer - Slow play affects everyone


Curling rocks weigh over 40 pounds each - Do not lift them off the ice

 This is not the circus! - Do not practice tightrope walking on the sideboards

 Save the snow angels for outside - Please no hand, knee, or body prints in the ice

 SHHHH! - Do not distract your opposition when they are delivering their rock

Please no running